Random acts of kindness are the best way to get out of a bad mood and lift your spirits. You can also do the same for someone else simultaneously. simple actions can  change the world around you and make someone’s day! Try at least one of these simple acts of kindness and see how fulfilled you’ll be immediately after.

1. Buy Groceries for Someone in Need

There are many families that do not have the luxury of feeding their kids : You can make a huge difference in someone’s life buy getting groceries for them. Sparing $30 to do so should not be super hard and see the difference you’ll make in someone’s life with such a small gesture of kindness.

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My normal weekly grocery shop explained. I try and keep my meals simple. I meal prep one “entree” a week and store it in my freezer. This week that was my Kale Sausage Spaghetti squash. I will mix in some other meals so it doesn’t get boring. For this, I LOVE @TraderJoes cauliflower gnocchi. It’s super easy and low-cal. I pair it with @Rao arrabbiata sauce (spicy tomato,) which is the best jarred sauce I’ve found. Top it with a pinch of parmigiana regiono and we’re good to go! At work, I rarely have time to eat a full meal. So, I will bring an apple (I like pink lady) and a yogurt (@Siggi’s is my go to.) Raw cashews are my go-to for a quick pre/post-workout pick me up. They give me the little burst of energy I need. I cannot go without dessert. I always buy raspberries (if they look nice) and real whipped cream (none of that low-fat stuff which don’t satisfy cravings.) Finally, I’ve discovered these tasty @TraderJoes crepe wafer cookies. They are super tasty and only 140 calories for 5 (which is definitely more than enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.)

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2. Hold the elevator for someone

This action seems so simply but yet people are doing it less and less for being absorbed with their phones : Simply hold the elevator for someone. This little favor goes a long way especially for those living in condo who have to wait endless hours for elevators at times. Hold the elevator for a colleague or a neighbor. That’s all it takes to show kindness.



3. Donate food

There are plenty of food banks available in your local community : If you’ve never bothered to try, buy extra food at the grocery store and donate basic staples such as pasta, rice and canned food.



4. Donate Toys

Instead of throwing away your kids toys and polluting the environment with more plastic, simply donate your toys to the many local organizations who’ll then wash and recycle them to re-gift to others in needs.


5. Send your mother or grandmother a bouquet of flowers (not just on Mothers day)

Show your mother and grandmother some love (not just during mother’s day) and randomly make their day by sending a bouquet of flowers. The same goes for step mothers who helped raise you, or single dads (send your dad chocolates or something meaningful he’ll appreciate).


6. Shovel snow for  your neighbor

Help you neighbor by shoveling the snow on their driveway. The favor will be returned when you least expect it.



7. Bring treats for your colleagues at work

It’s easy to buy half a dozen or a full dozen of donuts from Tim Horton: Do it for your colleagues this holiday season and they’ll appreciate you even more.


8. Visit an elderly shelter and read a book to an elderly person

You will be surprised the type of wisdom you can learn from elderly people. Some of them unfortunately do not receive as many visits from their kids as they should and would welcome having someone come by to read them a book, keep them company and pass on their advice and knowledge.


9. Buy coffee for someone in the drive through lane

It’s not hard to buy coffee for someone in the drive through. Be the mystery generous person who takes care of the next person’s bill and see how Karma returns the favor.

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Savour the view ☕️ 📸: @nxtebrunt

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10. Visit an animal shelter

There are multiple shelters in our local community needing people to simply help the animal abandoned on found helpless on the street . Visit a shelter and make a difference. It’s so much better than wasting hours in front a video game and 100 times more rewarding.


11. Send a text to someone you have not spoken to in a while

11. Put your phone away while in the company of someone else.

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