At some point  your child may ask you to either attend or host a  sleepover. The appropriate age for a sleepover may vary  but eventually it may happen and as parents , anticipating it will make up better prepared.  That means preparing a bunch of games and snacks the kids occupied until they go to sleep, which is approximately never. The perfect sleepover will include a mix of activities and entertainment Here are 10 suggestions to get you started.


1. Watch a movie


2. Make a Smoothie Bowl



3. Make DIY Face Masks

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Comical post alert! Can you tell my daughter and I like to pull funny faces? 😂 We have on an ANTI-ACNE face mask I have formulated for teens since my teens are now having those challenges! Having a natural potent antibacterial, antioxidant and antiflammatory mask yet non-drying due to having an effective humectant that preserves moisture was important for me to make for our growing teens AND I could use it too as I still get the odd break out as an adult! The Green Clay, Kaolin and Bentonite are all great at minimising pores and drawing out toxins and impurities from our skin. Organic essential oils in this include lemon and lemon myrtle, tea tree oil and manuka and a gentle rose which is the dominant aroma in this concoction. Apply with a make up brush, leave on for 10-15mins max and wipe or wash off with a warm face cloth ☺ Available in our online shop from Friday! Watch this space 👀 #miabellenz #antiAcneMask #antibacterial #clayMask #beautyThatCares #loveYourSkin #teenFaceMask #handmadeInNewZealand #handcrafted #organicIngredients #organicSkincare #natural #goodForYourSkin #beautyHacks #beautyThreads #loveYourself #pamper #self-care

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4. Make a Tik Tok Video


5. Do Each Other’s Hair

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The round brush helps tame frizz and delivers the desired amount of bounce to your hair. If you have fine to normal hair, we don't recommend using a round brush with a metal or ionic barrel, as it may cause severe heat damage to already weak ends. This is the brush you want to use when you are blow-drying your hair. Small size brushes create tighter curls, while brushes with larger barrels are known to straighten hair and create subtle waves.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #hairguide #hairbrush #hairstyles #hair #haircut #haircolor #hairstyle #hairstylist #fashion #beauty #makeup #hairgoals #style #hairdresser #balayage #hairdo #hairextensions #longhair #instahair #naturalhair #love #haircare #blondehair #hairfashion #blonde #makeupartist

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6. Do Each Other’s  Nails

7. Decorate each other’s tent


8. Do each other’s Make Up



9. Draw Chalk Art on the Driveway


10.Have a Pillow Fight


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