Mississauga has come a long way since the days of all-you-can-eat General Tso’s chicken and egg rolls. Once city that offers no shortage of Chinese food is Mississauga, where regional cuisine is the focus of the most popular Chinese restaurants from Square One to Heartland. Here are a few kids-friendly chinese eateries worth a visit.


Congee Queen Mississauga

Location: 800 Boyer Blvd #5, Mississauga, ON L5V 2Y1, Canada

Who doesn’t love Congee Queen? You’ll understand why this place is as packed and busy as it is all day everyday as soon as you give it a try. With multiple locations across the TA, fast service ans tasty food, the family-oriented chain of restaurant provides authentic dishes. You may be surprised when you kids ask you to come back over and over again !


Mandarin Restaurant

Location: 3105 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5L 3R8, Canada

You cannot be a resident of Mississauga without having visited a Mandarin at elast once in your life with your kids. With 29 locations across Ontario, this award award-winning all-you-can-eat buffet offers over 100 delicious dishes showcasing the best in Chinese Canadian fare. In the winter, there’s a particularly impressive display of lighting outside the restaurant visible from the highway.  You’ll be wowed by the wide array of desserts, an ice cream sundae bar and frozen yogurt station offering the perfect end to the meal. Chinese Take-out and delivery, prepared fresh to order, are also available at every location.


Chilli Chicken House (CCH)

Location: 4040 Creditview Rd #25, Mississauga, ON L5C 4E3, Canada

This family run restaurant offers Hakka and traditional chinese dishes, servicing the community since 2011. Excellent choice if you do not feel like cooking as your kids will love it. 


Hakka Ren

Location: Mississauga Marketplace Plaza, 4555 Hurontario Street C2, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3M1, Canada

This restaurants offers not only the usual classics such as like Chilli Chicken, Chicken Manchurian, Chicken Pakoras, Hot & Sour Soup, Crispy Fried Wontons, , but also  Chilli Beef, Drums of Heaven and others, including innovative delicacies such as Sour & Pepper Soup, Golden Fried Spicy Beef Balls, Treasure Fried Rice, Yin Yang Rice, Crispy Vegetables with Hot Garlic Sauce. 




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